The Treehouse Studio was built in 2006, on nearly an acre of forested land overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The studio was designed and built to exacting THX standards from the ground up, in collaboration with legendary studio designer John Vrtacic.

Compact but mighty, the Treehouse offers sonic excellence in a relaxed and private forest atmosphere.
In addition to the main mix room, there is a dedicated iso room and machine room, which isolates all fan noise from computers and drives. The mix room is so quiet that most clients opt to record vocals there.

Additionally, there is a large high-ceilinged room in the main house that contains a grand piano.

16 channels of tie lines into the main studio patchbay allows for live off the floor recording in combination with selective isolation in the main studio building.
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The Treehouse is a true destination studio, offering 4 bedrooms, a complete gourmet kitchen, hot tub, and landscaped gardens. This makes for a completely self contained relaxed and creative space for producers and artists looking to work away from the distractions of the city. Meal service is available on request.